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The following of our software had been merged to a software toolkit:

                                 Easier IT Toolkit


All software has free version, the free version has most features, some software has full version  which has some advance features.


We provide free lifetime upgrade service, all full version users can free upgrade to this new version.


Some of our software has multiple edition, all editions has same feature, their full versionís registration code are universal for all edition, the only different is the first start window of the program, for example,  the QR Code Generator program will open the QR Code Maker form when the program start, but QR Code Generator can also make all another type of barcode.


Free Version

Full Version

*  Free Barcode Generator
*  Universal Barcode Maker
*  XBL Barcode Generator for Excel
*  Free Barcode Generator & Labelmaker for Excel-Word
*  QR Code Generator
*  ISBN Barcode Generator

*  Ping Tester
*  Ping Test Easy
*  Ping Tester
*  Network Connectivity Tester & Logger

*  Second Backup - Free File Backup
*  Automatic Backup Pro
*  Folder Copy & Backup

*  Free Folder Hider

*  Password Manager

*  Words Picker

*  Calculator



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 For detail information, please visit our website for each software.

http://free-barcode.com              http://pingtester.net             http://backupsoftware.cc


Other new software

Easier Barcode Label Maker

An easy-to-use barcode label design tool.

It can design and print any type of labels which contain barcodes, texts, logo, etc.

Supports all the most popular bar code types, including 1D and 2D barcode.

The barcode data is easy to input, you can input single line text, multiple lines texts or sequence of numbers, etc.

Supports all Windows compatible printer, you can print multiple labels in one paper with a common laser or inkjet printer, no need to buy a professional barcode printer.

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>> Barcode Since their invention more than 50 years ago, barcode have been enablers for accurate data capture, the rapid movement of goods, and all types of automation. Whether at the Point-of-Sale, in a hospital, or in a manufacturing environment these little black and white images deliver incredible value.

>> There are many different bar code symbologies, or languages. Each symbology has its own rules for encoding characters (e.g., letter, number, punctuation), printing, decoding requirements, and error checking.

>> Barcode symbologies differ both in the way they represent data and in the type of data they can encode: some encode numbers; others encode numbers, letters, and a few punctuation characters; still others offer encodation of the 128 or 256 ASCII character sets. Recently unveiled symbologies include options to encode characters in any language as well as specialized data types.

>> Barcode in common use are covered by international standards. International standards also cover print quality measurements and equipment.

Bar code technology standards define:

*** Rules for representing data in an optically readable format,

*** Rules and techniques for printing or marking,

*** Reading and decoding techniques,

*** Rules for measuring the quality of printed/marked symbols

Barcode Printer Driver

To print barcode to professional barcode printer, such as Zebra, TEC, etc. you need to install the Windows edition driver.

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